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Fall Lineup
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What we do.

Our main goal is to be Fannin County‘s live music connection. Sometimes we have other entertaining events as well. We try to keep everything reasonably priced we want everyone to come on out and enjoy a quality show while only paying what is affordable. We usually have free tea, coffee, and popcorn. 

 We try to bring in a wide variety of musical genres, we are not locked in to one style. We use attendance as a gauge as to what style of music is in demand.  We try to please most of the people at least some of the time. So pick the bands you like  and come on out. 

 We are not a bar or a restaurant, our venue is open to the outdoors so we do not bother those sensitive to cigarette smoke. We are family friendly and kids 12 and under are Free.

 In the heat of the summer we have really large fans under the roof,   In the evening and after dark it is really quite pleasant.  In the  winter we close the walls so you are out of the wind.  Then we employ the use of five large patio heaters.  Even in the coldest of nights  it is tolerable with a jacket. 

 Anyway this is our  General mode of operation. It is probably more information than you wanted but at least now you know. 

 Thanks for showing interest. 

Rick Massey

Powder Creek Pavilion

520 S. Center St.

Bonham, TX. 75418


The "Powder Creek Pavilion" is the latest offshoot of "Massey's Music" that is the culmination of music production experience over  past 20 years. We have been the stage and lighting experts for Festivals,

Concerts, Corporate events, Weddings, Quinceaneras, Fundraisers, Banquettes, Church Events, Athletic events, and every other kind event known to man kind. You name it and we have done it before.

The facility itself is on over 5 acres the majority commonly used for parking. The pavilion roof over the entertainment area is 92 ft. long X 86 ft. wide X 20 ft. tall. We have tables and chairs for 400 People with plenty of room for lawn chairs and such. We provide a 32 ft. X 24 ft. X 4 ft. stage area with stairs and ramp. We provide large barrel fans for circulation, restroom facilities, and a concession stand. For personal events catering is permitted. Any Alcoholic beverages consumed must be in compliance with Texas State Law.

The sound system is a 40,000 W digital sound system 12 X 18" Sub-woofers, 10 mid/hi arrays, up to 6 monitor mixes. all the mics and cables required. Professional sound engineer operating the system.

Computerized LED DMX Lighting, 50 LED Pars, 6 ~ 230W 7R Sharpies Moving Heads, a dozen smaller moving heads, dance floor effect lighting, and hazer.

An Outdoor Facility with a large roof. It comes with all the stage, sound and lighting needed to pull off the event with class. We can provide staffing, security, and all your other needs.

Call us for your free Quote. 903-227-1911

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