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Rick Massey is the founder of Massey's Music. He came from a very musical family. His father was a vocal music teacher at the high school level and his mother was a local piano teacher. Growing up there was always music in their house and all of his brothers and sister where blessed with an ear for music. Here is his story in his own words.


Rick Massey:

At an early age my father bought a guitar and dreamed of my becoming a great jazz guitar player. But I had ambitions of my own; so I buried my head in a wall of amps and rocked out the 70s and 80s in numerous local, regional, cover and original bands.


During all this time I was always the "Techy" working all the issues. I also started to do a lot of home recording with a very meager home recording set-up. I love some of those old recordings; but to be quite honest, some were not very good.


During the 90s, recording took the front stage. I started buying new gear at a budget breaking rate and expanded the clientele running through the studio at home. 


Then in 2004 I had completely out-grown the home studio and moved into the present location. The recordings have vastly improved over the years some due to better gear, and some due to a more complete knowledge of the process. 


You see, I don't believe that you ever come to a place where you know it all and should always strive to improve. That is why I remain a student and study the latest technology and processes. I feel there is something to be learned from everyone that walks in our door.


After being out of the "Gigging" scene for some time I kind of missed all of that. So instead of going out and joining another band I started the "live event" division of our company. We then hired some part-time roadies and have a lot of fun doing that. Now "live events" is our bread and butter.

We have grown into one of the more respectable music production companies in this area. We have now taken on some fairly big named bands in Rock, Country, and other Genres. 



Yours Truly,


Rick Massey

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote great music and musical related events, expanding the presence of the performing arts in our area. 


The N. Texas & S. Oklahoma area is rich in sporting traditions, and we are happy those traditions exist and flourish. But unfortunately many other venues of cultural and performing arts struggle to get that level of support. In some cases the support is almost non-existent."We are trying to add diversity to our community. 


So if you sing, play an instrument, or would like to just hear great music at an event, we want to be your company.


Our Policy

Our policy has been to build this business one satisfied customer at a time. It does not matter if you are interested in a recording project, a live gig, a party, a reception, or a fund raiser, or any other occasion, we desire to satisfy our customers.


Even though we do a fair amount of advertising we still get a large percentage of our business through word of mouth, and return business. One unsatisfied customer can negatively impact future bookings and that is a fact. 


We always strive to do a little more than what is expected so that the customer is pleasantly surprised. Let us show you that this policy is not just a paragraph of words.


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