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We here at IlluminancePro are dedicated stage lighting professionals who have spent many years in the live performance area. Most of our product lines have been road tested and proven to be worthy.


Products are evaluated under the following criteria:


  • Manufacturing Quality - Has the product been consistently designed and assembled with quality and are defects minimal.

  • Road Worthy - How rugged is the design and does it operate consistantly under the stress seen in real world environments.

  • Cost Effective - "Bang for the Buck" is the product affordable, can it sell with everyone’s tight budget.


Most of our lighting products are manufactured in china. Being a company out of Bonham, Texas, just north of Dallas, we take allot of the gamble out of buying Chinese. Everyone knows the best lighting deals are coming out of China. With the internet anyone can deal with these companies direct. Here are considerations:

•    Usually when dealing direct with Chinese companies most people here don't know who they are dealing with. If a problem arises what are your options.
•    With the high cost of shipping individual packages via Air in the end you are only saving a little if any money.
•    If there is a defect in the product return shipping is very cost prohibitive.
•    We offer phone support on technical issues and English is our first language. (903) 227-1911

We have years invested in working with our Chinese manufactures. We have developed a trust in quality and delivery. We know that when we get products from them there are a minimum of issues.
If you see the brand IlluminancePro you can rest easy. 

LED Moving Heads

Blue Locking

DMX Cables

Water Resistant


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