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Massey's Music Studio

A full service digital recording studio serving the North Texas / Southern Oklahoma area. We have managed to keep our overhead costs low by acquiring our equipment over time, not borrowing money, and with the lower real-estate cost in our rural setting. About an hour drive north of Dallas, we can under-bid most comparable recording studios in the area. Save money without sacrificing quality. With lower costs you can afford to spend more time in the studio and we promise to give your project the personal attention it deserves.


Massey's Music was founded by long time musician Rick Massey, who understands the unique considerations of a creative individual or group, when working toward a goal.



For years Rick was a professional musician with influences ranging from Contemporary Christian, Classic Rock, Country, Blues, Pop, Folk, Classical, Jazz, and Bluegrass. After years of recording and producing music from his studio he has developed a love for assisting other artists; helping them achieve their maximum potential.



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Massey's Music Productions offers a recording / production studio with a unique, friendly, no-pressure atmosphere, in the quaint, rural setting of Windom, Texas. We specialize in Demo's and Full-length CD projects for Groups, Single Artists, Vocalists and Commercial Music.


Tracking: This is the phase of recording where an artist or band actually records the tracks for the song. We may record the entire band playing at once to get a good "live" feel, or record the song in phases, with each musician performing as many takes as needed to perfect the part. For instance, a band may play the instrumental portion of the song, then the vocalist will "overdub" vocals. This gives the vocalist as many takes as necessary to get the vocals right. It is crucial to have a skilled engineer during this phase, because a musician or vocalist may wish to go back and change only one phrase of a take, or perhaps duplicate a single phrase over the length of the song.


Mixing: The mixing phase sees all the recorded tracks brought together with equalization, compression, and other effects to produce a single stereo track. All instruments and vocals will need to be treated individually to create the sound desired. Again, at this stage, it takes a skilled engineer to work efficiently with the artist and producer to bring out the desired sound. 


Mastering: Mastering is the final phase in the production of the finished project. This is where the tracks are "polished" to yield the finished, release-ready sound of a commercial track. This phase involves "normalizing" the levels of completed tracks to achieve uniform loudness, controlling peaks in the mixed material, final tweaking in the frequency domain, multiband compression, and more.


Mastering is exceptionally important for commercial-grade music because it insures the most full, rich sound possible from the recording. This is also the stage where some tracks may be cross-faded with others, or subdivided to create separate tracks on a CD. upon request. 


Recording dallas, recording studio, recording texas, pro-audio, recording engineer, mastering, audio mixing, recording texas

How We Do It: 

Recording dallas, recording studio, recording texas, pro-audio, recording engineer, mastering, audio mixing, recording texas

Studio Rates:

We keep it simple here. It is $35 an hour while we work on your project: Tracking, Mixing, Mastering, or anything else.


There are many varibles when trying to estimate the expected amount of time to completion that need to be discussed.


On larger projects, more than 20 hours, we sometimes sell time in blocks at $25 an hour.


These rates include full usage of the studio as well as a Studio Engineer.

Massey's Music Productions features high-quality recording gear (see equipment list), and is able to manipulate and edit your music to a state of near perfection. Rick is known for his creative, fast, efficient productions, while maintaining a keen eye for details. We strive in getting the sound that the Artist envisions, so the end product is your flavor, not ours.


We always try to establish a stress free work environment with open communication. We are a smoke free, alcohol free facility, suitable for anyone including family and religious groups.


Why We Do It:

To Rick, the three most cherished things in his life are, his faith in god, the love of his family, and the love of music. Bottom line; he does this because he loves it. Each person that walks through the door is a gift to be nurtured. We desire to unlock the potential of every Artist so that the final mix is better than they expected. It's not about the money. Massey's Studio will take pride in the fact that the customer is happy with the results, and the job was completed in the most satisfactory fashion. This is what takes Priority.


Special Services and Features:

• Accommodates everyone from a single artist, small groups, up to a full sized choir with accompaniment

.• Vocal pitch correction and many other modeling and mastering plug-ins provided.

• Finished vocal and performance CDs from Backup tracks.

• Flexible scheduling and very reasonable hourly rates. Give us a chance and we will make every effort to fit into your budget and still get the quality results you desire.

Other Things to Consider: 

In this very quiet rural setting, the only ambient sounds are usually the wind and the birds chirping, not like urban settings. It gives your group an opportunity to get away from all the normal distractions. You might be surprised how a quiet day in the country helps creativity.


We can eliminate unnecessary trips to Windom by using the “Net” to correspond, mix-down, and master your project. 

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